Durango Sustainable Landscapes


Design with sustainability in mind:

Choosing a Sustainability Design Professional

Gardenhart Landscape & Design built this beautiful retaining wall to help prevent erosion and to create a fantastic view outside the kitchen window. We enhanced the sustainability of this property by creating the proper irrigation and xeriscape (low water) landscaping. The homeowners wanted to create a better way to get around their house to the back and to create a more appealing entertaining area off the deck and next to the hot tub.  This home is very remote, and quiet, so it is nice to have an area outside to really enjoy the stars and beauty of SW Colorado.

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Sustainable landscaping: encompasses a variety of practices that have developed in response to environmental issues. These practices are used in every phase of landscaping, including design, construction, implementation and management of residential and commercial landscapes.

Drainage swale will divert water from patio area away from house designed by Gardenhart Landscape & Design.

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