Durango Landscape Consulting

Consulting in Durango:

Consulting with a Local Landscape Architecture Professional

Do you have a drainage problem at your house? We create natural looking swales, stream beds and drains for problem areas. Are you sweltering in your house because you don’t have enough trees on the west side of your house? We plant trees and have the knowledge as to the best shade trees and tree placement to solve all your problems. Do you have a pond in your backyard garden that needs some repair or re-design? Or are you dreaming about a small pond and babbling brook sound in your backyard? We repair and create functional, long lasting landscape architecture and water features! Whatever the need large or small Gardenhart Landscaping and Design is here to help you! Call Us at 970-749-1555

Contact Gardenhart Landscaping today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Durango local landscaping experts. We are trained to help you develop a sustainable landscape perfectly suited for the climate and wildlife around Durango Colorado.